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Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover

four leaf clover
Peshtemal Towel

four leaf cloverShamrock or Four Leaf Clover as a good luck symbol.

Four-leaf clover is considered a symbol of good luck in all cultures. In Christianity believed to Mother

Eve was walking around with a four-leaf clover in her hand in the garden of paradise. There is a

strong belief in Turkish communities about the person who finds a four leaf clover will obtain an

unlimited richness.

In mythology, it has been mentioned that each of the leaf of clover has got a different meanings.

The first leaf symbolizes the hope, the second leaf the faith, the third one love and the fourth leaf

symbolizes the luck. The fourth leaf is the thing that very rare in nature.


Olive Branch

Olive branch is the symbol of peace and loyalty. The white dove coming with olive branch in its

mouth is the peace emblem of all cultures. In mythology, olive tree has been adopted as holiness,

abundance and wisdom.


Laurel crown is the symbol of love in Greek mythology. The story is as follows; the god of love Apollo

falls in love with Daphne but Daphne does not want him and runs away. Meanwhile she almost to

be caught changed into a laurel tree by her father Peneus which is the river god.

And then, Apollo declares the laurel tree as his own tree. Since then the laurel tree is the symbol of

immortality, heroism, victory, virtue.


In all societies, wheat symbolizes fertility and productivity. The wind-resistant wheat as well as

symbolizes withstanding to difficult circumstances with spiritual flexibility, being patient and

adapting to the challenges.

All of the initiatory doctrines want people to show flexibility and softness such as wheat spikes.


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