Shahmaran: A Legend in The Under Glass Art

Shahmaran is a fantastic creature with significant importance in Middle Eastern mythology and folk tales. This legend is commonly narrated in the Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, and Mesopotamian regions. Though there are various versions of the Shahmaran story among different communities, its core elements remain mostly the same. The name “Shahmaran” is derived from the words…

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Evil eye bead master

¿Que es el Ojo Turco?

¿Qué es el mal de ojo y cómo protegerse? Amuletos con el ojo turco de la buena suerte Las primeras referencias escritas al mal de ojo aparecen en las tablillas de arcilla sumerias que datan del tercer milenio antes de Cristo. También se descubrieron granos de ágata de calidad excepcional, utilizados para proteger al portador…

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Mosaic Hamsa Amulet

Hamsa Meaning and History

The Hamsa, also known as the Hand of Fatima, holds significant meaning in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It is a talismanic symbol that is believed to protect individuals from evil forces and bring them various forms of goodness, abundance, fertility, luck, and good health. The Hamsa Hand, or Hand of Fatima, has its roots in…

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Good Luck Symbols From Around The World.

Good luck symbols and charms have been used for centuries in different cultures around the world. These symbols are believed to bring good fortune, protect against evil, and ward off negative energies. Here, we will explore some of the most popular good luck symbols and charms across countries and cultures. Four-Leaf Clover: The four-leaf clover…

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